Vision of the company

Istria – the most prestigious Mediterranean tourist destination;

Brijuni Rivijera Ltd. – the leading company that initiates development processes, uses the potentials of domicile population and of the area to develop new profitable activities, creates new employment opportunities, all through the model of the right of construction without selling land.

Brijuni rivijera

Mission of the company

To create conditions for implementing and managing the Brijuni coastland as an integrated tourist resort;

To achieve high quality of Istria’s tourism;

To ensure management of the property owned by the Republic of Croatia in an economically efficient and socially responsible way towards the society as a whole;

To lead economic development of Istria and the Republic of Croatia.

Brijuni rivijera

Ownership structure and management


The Republic of Croatia (67% share in total equity)
The Istrian Region        (33% share in total equity)


Republic of Croatia
Istrian Region

The supervisory board:

Marcel Medak – president
Slavko Fornažar – co-president
Branimir Fleković – member
Ivo Bašić – member


Ivica Butorac, managing director